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CFI Winner for " The Best Capital Markets Trading Services in the GCC "

MENA FFXPO Award Winner For " Best Trading Floor In GCC 2016"

Why become a Member?

Why become a Member?

Apart from benefits, our membership offers endless possibilities. Starting from the basics of trading through to becoming a professional trader with step by step guidance and expert advice. Master the art of the trading world and start your trading career with us. Our exclusive membership also offers funding and backing for the right candidate.

Traders who work round the clock with a single aim to establish the world’s largest trader’s community, by providing the best solutions to all the professional trading needs on our Premier Trading Floor – Trading Desk with International-State-of-the-Art Infrastructure facilities.”

We operate at the heart of New Dubai, as you may have known, Dubai is a Zero Tax Return region. There is no tax on personal or corporate entities.

We have traders from all over the world, who trade different asset classes and markets from our floor.

We will assist you with everything, which is part of our Global Trader Relocation Program. If you’re looking at relocating to Dubai and trading from here, we can help you in setting up your company. We will coordinate and assist you with the licensing process, after which you will also be able to obtain a UAE Residence VISA for yourself, based on the new company license. This company will be registered under the DMCC Free Zone in Dubai, which was recently voted as the best Free Zone in the UAE.

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"Professional Traders Club is exclusively designed to meet the demands of those who wish to join a successful community and become profitable traders."

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About the Club

Professional Traders Club

Professional Traders Club was set up in 2007 with a 40% stake-holding by the Dubai Government at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). It's the first professional trading floor in the Middle East and continues to be the sector leader in the region.

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Economic Calendar

Our fast-updating Economic Calendar covers all-important events and releases that affect the market, so you can track the occurrence of market-moving events.

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  • Azhar AbbasStudent
  • Professional Traders Club

Tom Parks

"Done trading as a hobby on the side and then just wanted to take it up full time and give it a go basically, and this is why I started this course. So far so good".

Tom Parks
Sales Executive for 15 years – Professional Trader - PTG

Roopak Taneja

"I have been now associated with Professional Traders Club for almost 6 months. First as a trainee of their traders training Program and now as an active trader".

Roopak Taneja
Former CFO - FMCG Company – Professional Trader - PTG
May 22, 2019

Special offers for 2019 Summer Relocation

Setting up a Financial Trading business in the Dubai has never been easier Awarded as the Best Capital Market Trading …

Standard Chartered Marathon 2018

Date: 26/01/2018
Venue: Burj Al Arab

Standard Chartered Marathon 2017

Date: January 2017
Venue: Dubai