We are the Premier Trading Floor in the region - providing a world-class trading environment for Professional Traders.


Our Premier Trading Floor offers dedicated trading desks to enable traders with complete systems for trading Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options, CFDs, etc in the Global markets. Our Trading floor provides Reuters and Bloomberg terminals, CNBC  and RAN Squawk audio for economic data releases and breaking news. Traders can choose their preferred trading platforms like TT Xtrader or STS on the lease line with Stellar, CQG, Easy Screen, and Jtrader. We support all industry standard charting packages such as CQG, Esignal, and Futuresourc., Our dedicated line to our clearer in London provides a fast stable connection with a fast round trip time.

Below a brief description of the standard setup that can be provided for the trading activity:

  • 7 screen setup
  • Dedicated leased line connection
  • Onsite servers
  • Access to Reuters Eikon terminal
  • Access to Bloomberg Terminal
  • 24h Audio Squawk Feed
  • Various other news and data sources including Bloomberg and CNBC
  • 24h Tech Support – Onsite and Remote
  • 24h Risk Support – Onsite and Remote

And additional benefits including:

  • Own dedicated phone number
  • Complete standard office amenities (Printing, Scanning, Photocopying, Fax etc.) + Wifi
  • Boardroom for meetings
  • Reception and receptionist for greeting your guests
  • Pantry

We can fully customize the trading setup depending on your individual requirements. We can provide all kinds of systems and desk customization besides the standard setup listed above. The costs for the same can be determined once we have understood your requirements.