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Our Smart Trader training program helps you learn how to create and manage a second stream of income from the financial market trading.

This program spans 3 weeks and covers specific and specialized topics relating to all major asset classes and product types including: Intermediate Fundamental & Technical Analysis - Understanding and effectively utilizing Charts and Charting techniques for trading, Applied Macroeconomics for Financial market trading, Forex trading, Order flow Analysis - Concepts and applications, Statistical Research Skills for Trading, Personal Financial Management and Trading Psychology.


Workshops help you implement and use the everyday learnings on live markets enabling a student to get practical experience and also helping us to assess their level of understanding.

In Smart Trader, you also learn how to develop a Strategy & do live testing. After developing your own strategy, evaluate its performance through Back-Testing and optimizing it to get the best-desired results.

Smart Trader covers Macroeconomics. Understanding the concepts of Supply & Demand in financial market trading, How the economic machine works and Macroeconomics along with major figures to gauge the overall health of an economy.



This program helps a novice trader as well as a trader who has had some prior experience to upgrade their skills (for better decision making in timing their entries and exits using Technical Tools and Fundamental Analysis and also adhering to Risk & Money Management principles.)


Ideal for: People with a Little Trading Experience


Phentermine India Buy


Phentermine Online

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