We are a team of dedicated traders and the company is owned by a professional trader with more than 20 years of trading experience and you learn to trade from experts. While our skilled technical team has developed sophisticated proprietary dashboards only available to the traders on our floor.

Our membership offers an A-Z solution from training to trading as a pro.


Training with Professional Traders Club
Five levels of training:
Trading with Professional Traders Club

Membership Options

We also have flexible trading options please contact us to know more

Here’s what’s included

  • 7-Screen setup
  • Dedicated leased line connection
  • Onsite servers
  • Access to Reuters Eikon terminal
  • Access to Bloomberg Terminal
  • 24h Audio Squawk Feed
  • Various other news and data sources including Bloomberg and CNBC
  • 24h Tech Support – Onsite and Remote
  • 24h Risk Support – Onsite and Remote

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