Professional Traders Club is a trading Arcade based in Dubai which caters to every individual who wishes to take up trading as a full-time career. We also train individuals looking to develop their understanding of the financial markets and learn online trading in Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, CFDs, etc with a view to becoming a professional trader or who simply wish to supplement their main source of income through trading. We teach through the blend of theoretical and practical training, with continued guidance and mentorship available both in-house and online.

We are the first and leading trading floor in the MENA region and take care of the requirements of Professional Traders through our state of the art infrastructure and education facilities.

With our vision to build the world’s largest trading floor, we are constantly looking out for new traders to join our floor. Our training programs are designed and structured to help you become a successful trader and trade Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, CFDs. The training curriculum has been specifically designed by professional traders themselves to focus on the core concepts and requirements of trading. It is in line with our motto – “Don’t Just Learn to Trade, Learn to Profit” We strive to provide the best quality education to help you attain profitability in trading. We are unique in many ways compared to other institutions/online courses claiming to teach trading. We offer a complete package of classroom training and a live trading experience on the trading floor. This is in line with our mission of not only teaching trading theory but also offering a live trading experience where one gets to learn to trade amongst live traders, on a live trading floor.

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