Professional Traders Club isn’t just about one person creating a strategy and sharing it. It is about a community of traders that develop things together to make sure that we all succeed. Our community of Traders has access to training facilities which provide World Class Training to Students and Traders. Students can learn to trade Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, CFDs, etc.

As professional traders, we know that to truly succeed in this art form and make a profitable career out of trading, one must elevate their skills and knowledge to above and beyond just strategy. In our four pillars model, Strategy is just the first – and easiest – step.

Whether you have a technical strategy or fundamental strategy or a hybrid of both, in the long run, mastery of all four pillars in unison is the only thing that can ensure that you achieve and maintain profitability. The four pillars that we teach in our training programs are – in order of difficulty:

The four pillars that we teach in our training programs are

We have a development team which has developed sophisticated proprietary dashboards only available to the traders on our floor. We are aggressively backing and funding traders on a profit-sharing basis who show potential and consistency within their first six months of live trading after completing the master package. Trader funding and profit sharing is actually our main source of revenue as we are not a training institute; the training division only exists to complement the long-term success of our traders.

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