Program Overview

1. Smart Trader Program

This program is delivered through 15 video lectures

During this Program you will learn specific and specialized topics relating to all major asset classes and product types including:

  • In depth Price Action techniques
  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis – Understanding and effectively utilizing Charts and Charting techniques for trading,
  • Applied Macroeconomics for Forex trading,
  • Order flow Analysis – Concepts and applications,
  • Statistical Research Skills for Forex trading,
  • Personal Financial Management and
  • Trading Psychology.

2. Pro Trader Program

This program is delivered through 25 video lectures

This program  focuses on the mastery of the 4 pillars of successful trading:

  • Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Mind Management – Trading Psychology
    And much, much more

In this Advanced Trading Program, you will learn to trade Forex, Futures, Commodities using:

  • Advanced Technical Analysis,
  • Advanced Price Action Techniques,
  • Advanced Fundamental Analysis,
  • Advanced Patterns & Indicators,
  • Order Flow Management and
  • Risk and Money Management. 

Apart from the video lectures:

  • You will be regularly evaluated based on your course
  • We will be tracking your weekly progress
  • You will be needed to do 10 trading assignments
  • You will get access to proprietary trading materials, weekly and daily Forex reports and trading cheat sheets
  • You can avail up to 4 on-demand sessions where you can clear all your doubts or questions you may have from the lectures. 

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