Student testimonial: Nand Kumar
February 6, 2018

Our value comes from what our students say.

What really matters to us is what our members think about our training and trading facilities. After all, it’s their club. And there’s no better way to see what they think than to think what they might say. So check out what Mr. Nand Kumar has to say about his 10 weeks trader training program. 

Tell us about yourself?

I am Chartered Banker with over 30 years banking experience. I have worked in almost all departments of a Bank, except Treasury department, which deals in forex and investments. I had absolutely no trading experience in forex. 10 years back during the Economic boom, lured by the attractive returns, I entered into stock market trading but the global recession gave me a huge setback. But this was an occasion and opportunity where I started learning the nitty-gritty of trading based on fundamentals and today I am reasonably successful.

In 4-5 years I will be ready to lead a retired life. So I decided to learn technical analysis through forex training so that I can keep myself occupied during retired life.


What attracted you to join Professional Traders Club?

It all started with a big ad in the newspapers spotted by my friend on a free session by Mr. Sushant Buttan, who has over 20 years of professional trading experience. His lectures are truly inspirational. Further, there were more free sessions on almost every Friday.  Then I wanted a customized forex training but I was suggested full-fledged forex training by the marketing team before taking up forex trading as a full-time career option.

I wanted to try with one short course Jumpstart but looking at the quality of training I decided to take the full course at one stretch.

Normally in this profession, most of the traders are in the thirties but I was willing to compete as I see age is no bar in this field.

How has your training experience been so far?

 The trainer is a professional trader and he has his own style of training. He is never tired of teaching, his classes never stop unless you ask him to stop. The trainer is quite experienced and has won awards as the Best educator. He has no qualms in sharing his successful trading strategies through various illustrations on live markets. He indeed has a huge wealth of trading experiences.

Tremendous emphasis is laid on money management, risk management, mind management, the psychology of trader and through training it helps to inculcate these habits which will transform you with a lot of positive energy and burning desire to excel.

Trainer keeps reminding that trading is not Holy Grail and assures you that after training and Bootcamp you will emerge as a profitable trader.

Has the training helped you in terms of your trading?

I am a firm believer that training is a never-ending process, as long as you have a burning desire to excel. Training at PTC is only the first stepping stone to success. Training has made me understand the various terminologies, given me, more clarity on various trading strategies is it technical, fundamental analysis, various indicators impact of important economic events, news, interpretation of data released as per Economic Calendar etc..

Most of the trading sites will warn you of the losses and keeps reminding you that 99% retail fail. But the quality of forex training at PTC strengthens your belief that through hard work with months and months of practice at PTC, you can join the 1% elite group of successful traders.

Why Trade with Professional Traders?

  1. First and foremost they have huge setup. Normally in Banks, the trading floor is the size of a studio flat. But here the trading floor is the size of 4 flats.
  2. Secondly, the marketing and sales team is very knowledgeable, some are full-time professional traders, well equipped administrative staff and above all, they have Risk Management team to monitor your position and offer counseling services. Overall staff is very cordial and accommodative.
  3. In trading, you require high-speed internet service in order to catch live rates, get your trades executed instantly and not miss it due to delay infraction of a second, which happens at home due to the lower speed of the internet.
  4. All traders can seek the assistance of professional traders/traders any time.

In conclusion, PTC marketing collateral states that once you have completed the training you can come back to attend training again for the rest of life. On similar lines, once you get trained, work hard and daily practice for over 10-12 hours at PTC you can work for rest of life here by hiring a trading desk on their trading floor.


The team at professional Traders Club would like to congratulate Mr. NandKumar on completing his training program and we wish him all the best for his trading career. 

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