The Best Way to Make Money in the Market like a Professional Trader!!!
June 7, 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Gary Boyer and I’m the chief trainer and mentor at Professional Traders Club, Dubai. As a full-time professional trader, I can very well say that whatever we teach here at Professional Traders Club cannot be found in any trading book or any videos which are available online.

Whatever we teach is through years of personal trading experience. If there was anything in those videos given for free or any advice given by the so-called technical analysts, if that was to work for one person, it’ll work for everyone. So, everyone is experiencing the same trade at the exact same time because of those free pieces of advice.

Many times, you will see people in the market related or unrelated to the world of trading who are most likely on the “sell side” of the business, rather than being on the “buy” side will try to sell you things and attract your eyes with lucrative offers and signals, for example, brokers, technical analysts, professional trader, who are trying to tell you that they are right. Honestly, if they had anything of value then they should be doing it for themselves. Why would they be sharing it with everyone else?

I’ve seen Forex channels giving an offer for you to subscribe for $100/month so that you can access their live trades. Now imagine for 1 second, that someone is sharing his/her trades or successful moves with everyone out there at the exact same time in the market and all the subscribers are out there are putting the trades while he/she is putting the trades. What do you think will happen? Obviously, the trader’s trade will be jeopardized and eventually opposite will happen because there’ll be so many big players in the market who are connected to market through algorithmic trading who’ll be watching when the big volumes of people are coming to play and if everyone at the same time play the exact same move, these big players will try to hit them since they can control the move the way they want.

The best way to make money in the market is to stay hidden. You need to do 1 thing that nobody else is doing or nobody else can think of. Because you’re doing something out of your comfort zone, to do that, you need to stay away from the best-selling books written by the so-called professional trader. If they have time to write books, they’re no longer trading. They may be successful at some point in time but there is no way that they are successful now. There are so many latest things happening in the market that you need to know and experience. If they are no longer experiencing the current market rhythm, what’s the point!

A professional trader in a form of a mentor can never provide you with an advice as to where and how to place your trades in the market. He can give you a base or make your foundations strong with respect to how you look at the markets, or how to spot an opportunity to make a profit. The way you experience the opportunity is yours.

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