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online training   Want to trade like a professional? You’ve come to the right place! Our online trader training program makes it easy and fun to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the art of online trading. We’ve put our heads together with some leading Forex, Stocks and Futures experts to design a unique, comprehensive learning system that guarantees your trading success.  ( forex online course ) We believe in the saying - Don’t Just Learn To Trade, Learn To Profit. Our online training courses are based on industry best practices and are developed through years of live trading experience. In our online trader training program, you’ll find tools, tips and tricks you need to help you avoid risks and quickly learn how to master trading. Our online trader training program consists of 4 different levels :

1. Jump Start Online Course - 1 week 

 Basic Level : Ideal for beginners or people who are new to trading & financial markets      (forex online course for beginners)         
Students get a good understanding of:
  • What’s out there - Introduction to various asset classes and products in the market available to trade. Understanding the meaning of financial markets, the law of supply and demand and Market Price. 
  • How to trade it- An Overview of how to trade in various asset classes and how each asset class is different from the trading perspective
  • Get honest guidance and advice from professional traders on what next steps to take for a successful career in trading. 
The Jump Start Online Course will give you a Birdseye view of Global Financial Trading Currently, we're offering the Jump Start program as a complimentary 1 week along with the Smart Trader Program.

2. Smart Trader Online Course - 2 weeks

 Intermediate Level : Ideal for people with a Little Trading Experience (forex online course for intermediates)
Students get a good understanding of: 
  • Technical Analysis 
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Applied Macroeconomics for Financial Market Trading
  • Order Flow Analysis - Concepts and Applications
  • Statistical Research Skills for Trading
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Trading Psychology
This program helps a novice trader as well as a trader who has had some prior experience to upgrade their skills (for better decision making in timing their entries and exits using Technical Tools and Fundamental Analysis and also adhering to Risk & Money Management principles).  

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3. Pro Trader Online Course - 2 weeks

Advanced Level : Ideal for people who want to build a successful career in trading (forex online course for the advanced traders)  

Students get a good understanding of: 

  • Strategy Building 
  •         Advanced Technical Analysis
  •         Statistical Research and Modeling
  •         Strategy Deployment and Back Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Mind Management – Trading Psychology And much, much more
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4. Boot Camp Online Course - 5 weeks

Professional Mentorship : Ideal for existing Professional Traders OR students who have completed the Pro-Trader Program  

Students get a good understanding of: 

  • Live trading  with daily online mentor-ship
  • Behavioral conditioning with a singular focus on obtaining profitability
  • This program is designed to help traders transition into becoming live and successful traders by bridging the gap between what they learn during training - Knowledge - and the real world - Experience.
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      Our Master Trader Training Program is a complete 10 weeks program which covers all 4 levels mentioned above and is designed for people who wish to master the art of online trading.   
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 In a nutshell:

Program Duration Level I want to...
Jumpstart 1-week Beginner Gain a basic understanding of the global financial markets
Smart Trader 2 weeks Intermediate Develop a profitable trading strategy
Pro Trader 2 weeks Advanced Start a successful career in Professional Trading
Bootcamp 5 weeks Practical program Improve my discipline and decision-making abilities.
Master Package 10 weeks Includes all the levels above Become a Successful Professional Trader

What separates our online program from the other online programs?

  • Live Streaming of the classroom lectures in real time live streaming technology has given us the power to share knowledge to a vast audience in a way that was never before possible with a traditional classroom-based training alone. We offer a complete package of live streamed classroom training and you won't feel any difference from the physical classroom experience. The amount of in-depth detail we can share about live trades, price action, chart analysis, market sentiments, fundamental research, and live lessons is exceptional with today’s technology. We use that technology to give the best live streamed trader training, on-demand lectures, and webinars! 

  • An archive of all the lectures in case you miss the live session  We give you a lifetime access to all the recorded lectures,  session files, and documents. Additionally, there's a 24x7 live support option, in case you have any questions from the recorded videos. 
  • Certificates at each level of training You will be awarded digital certificates upon completion of your course. In case you go for Master level trader training program, you will be receiving 5 different certificates, 4 at each level and 1 for the all in one master package. 
  • E-Books for each course   The dedicated team of Professional Traders consisting of chief traders with more than 20 years of trading experience has specially created proprietary materials in the form of various ebooks, insider secret manuals, trading guides and books on the psychology of trading. We will be sharing all these materials with you at each level of your training. 

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