Dubai’s Premier Trading Floor Opens Its Doors to China
Saturday November 29, 2014

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Professional Traders (DPTG) is the Middle East's first and leading premier trading floor, In the heart of Dubai, UAE, it continually proves to be the best choice for proprietary traders from the world over. Boasting a rapidly growing team of traders from all parts of the world including India, Pakistan, Canada, UK, USA, France, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the focus is now shifting towards the East.

By special invitation from the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) and the organizers of the China Gold and Precious Metals Summit (CGPMS), Professional Traders will participate at the summit being held in Shanghai from the 3-4th of December.

"The objective for us has always been to provide the best, and most cost-effective infrastructure for our traders and focus on the end-goal of profitability," said Sushant Buttan, CEO of Professional Traders, "This is exactly what we want to offer the Traders of China. Dubai offers an unbeatable package of Tax-Free income, ideal time zone to trade the global markets not to mention the low cost of living and a comprehensive yet unrestrictive regulatory environment. We take it a step further and provide state of the art infrastructure, connectivity and unparalleled brokerage agreements for our traders. We have all come from different parts of the world and made Dubai our home simply because it is an unbeatable package for us as traders. It is undoubtedly the next global destination for all traders alike."

In recent months, Professional Traders has broken a lot of industry norms in its pursuit of establishing the world's largest trading floor in Dubai by 2020. One of the initiatives undertaken by the company is a LIVE attempt to turn a $50,000 trading account into $1,000,000 over a period of twelve months purely by means of reinvested trading profits.


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