Easy Payment Plan Offer
Monday May 8, 2017

Looking for an easy way to pay for your training fees? Make your training more affordable by paying for the feesover time.

Fees payment plan breaks down your fees balance into affordable monthly payments.  Enjoy our easy payment plan with installments spread across  6 months to help you save this year. Professional Traders Club's  Easy Installment Plan allows you to pay your training fees. Use your Emirates NBD credit card* to pay and get 0% interest for 6 months. 

*with the 0% installment plan for Emirates NBD Credit Card holders, you now have the choice of paying over 6 months Interest-free. To avail this offer, the minimum fees for the training package needs to be at least AED 1000



  1. What is 0% installment service of Professional Traders Clients?

This is a service for Professional Trader's clients that allows them to pay their training program fees using Emirates NBD credit card in installments through the bank’s online channels or bank’s customer care.

  1. How is this easy and convenient for customers?

Clients can pay their training program fees using Emirates NBD Credit Card and convert it to 0% installment plan by using one of the banking channels shown below:

-Onsite (Professional Traders' trading floor)

-Online Banking

- Mobile Banking app

- Bank’s Call Centre

  1. What are the salient features of this service?

Clients can convert their training fees of above AED 1,000 into 0% interest installments for 6 months.

  1. What is the procedure to avail this facility?

Step 1 – Make the payment towards Professional Traders using Emirates NBD Credit Card at the front desk.

Step-2 – Convert it to 0% installment plan on the payment machine available on site. You can also choose to do it at a later stage (Read  2)


  1. Are there any charges to avail this facility?

There is a onetime processing fee of AED 49 charged by the bank to avail this facility, effective 1st February 2017.


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