Professional Traders at Canadian University of Dubai
Thursday March 1, 2018

Gary Boyer from Professional Traders Club was welcomed by students in the International Finance Fin 330 class. The guest speaker’s presentation focused on online trading, a relevant and evolving professional field that was of particular interest to his audience.

Gary defined professional online trading, outlined the four pillars of successful trading, listed some of the benefits of being an online trader and discussed professional trading as a career option.

He described financial trading as a career and a hobby and explained the difficulties of trading, discussing the misconceptions associated with the market environment and the ups and downs a trader might encounter.

Students gained an understanding of the qualities of a professional trader and what makes some traders more successful than others. He listed the classic mistakes that traders make and explained how knowledge is not the same as understanding.

Gary’s primary goal was to raise awareness of Professional Traders Club and the tools it provides traders and students. His secondary goal was to introduce a financial trading course to CUD students and to encourage students to get actively involved in online trading. 

Gary brought to the class a wealth of experience as a trader and portfolio manager. He has an extensive background in corporate finance, a field that he entered after completing Master’s Degrees in finance and entrepreneurship from Bradford School of Management (UK) and Lyon Business School (France). He worked as a financial auditor for Airports of Paris, and as a financial consultant for gold mining and rose cultivation companies in Africa. He was also involved in the underwriting of an IPO with a listed company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

While completing his Master’s Degree in Financial Markets, International Trade & Asset Management in Paris, France, he was recruited by Millennium Partners Hedge Fund, managed by Erick Tripoli, previously Head of Trading of Refco (London), Curvalue (London) and Van der Moolen (Amsterdam). After trading with a $1 million portfolio, Gary decided to start his own trading company in Dubai. He has successfully established an impressive track record over the past two years.

He was recruited by a Saudi investment fund, Morood Investment Company, to build and expand the capital markets department, where he handled over $30 million of capital market securities and $5 million of private placements. He was responsible for managing Saudi Royal asset funds by creating a $10 million M Sukuk Musharaka and hedging a Saudi equities portfolio, among others. During his career, he has developed relationships with custodians, brokers, fund managers, fund administrators, and legal service providers.


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