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  • Rakesh SharmaStudent
  • Professional Traders Group
  • Tom ParksStudent
  • Professional Traders Group
  • Vincent BourbigotTrader
  • Professional Traders Club
  • Shazia KhanStudent
  • Professional Traders Club
  • Vinay TholuTrader
  • Professional Traders Club
  • Talal Abu IssaStudent
  • Professional Traders Club
  • Ejaz MohammedStudent
  • Professional Traders Club
  • Vaibhav LoombaTrader
  • Professional Traders Club

Nand Kumar

Chartered Banker with over 30 years - Professional Trader - PTG

I am firm believer that training is a never-ending process if you have a burning desire to excel. Training at PTG is only the first stepping stone to success. Training has made me understand the various terminologies

  • Azhar AbbasStudent
  • Professional Traders Club

Ejaz Mohammed

Businessman - Trainee - PTG

These training sessions have been extremely interesting, it was an eye-opener. I think it’s an easy way to accelerate the learning curve.

Tom Parks

Sales Executive for 15 years - Professional Trader - PTG

"Done trading as a hobby on the side and then just wanted to take it up full time and give it a go basically, and this is why I started this course. So far so good".

Anant Divekar

professional investor and entrepreneur - Trainee - PTG

Gary Boyer is an excellent and dedicated teacher and a trader and has a very engaging personality. His passion and excitement to teach are undiminished even at end of a long day and it’s very inspiring to you. His real-life experience is what makes the difference to our trading.

Roopak Taneja

Former CFO - FMCG Company - Professional Trader - PTG

"I have been now associated with Professional Traders Club for almost 6 months. First as a trainee of their traders training Program and now as an active trader".

Ajesh Pillai

Project Engineer - Trainee - PTG

"I have no Prior Trading experience. The Transparency, Course Content and Professional Traders honest approach attracted me to join Professional Traders to learn to trade online.

Moufid Ayoubi

CMT - Professional Trader - PTG

Trading is POWER as I call it since it provides the trader with the self-sufficiency that all of us dream of and moreover it allows for a bold financial independence

Dinesh Mathur

P.Eng, CMA , MBA - Professional Trader - PTG

You study MBA and then go out looking for a job. You study trading and pronto, you are in business

Surendra Upadhyay

General Manager - Oil & Gas Industry - Professional Trader - PTG

Having been trading for 8 years as a casual trader I couldn't bring consistency in my profits and I couldn't figure where was I lacking.

Rashmey Seth

B.A , MBA - Professional Trader - PTG

After a very fulfilling career in the corporate world from which I took a break to pursue other personal interests

Talal Abu Issa

Finance Student - United states - Professional Trader - PTG

The Trading Program definitely made me profitable, since I did my mentoring program in the middle of the Greek news

Shazia Khan

Cost Engineer - Oil & Gas Industry - Trainee - PTG

The Training has been a real confidence booster. I came in here with no prior knowledge apart from what I have read myself through books or Online

Deepali Sanjotra

Student - Professional Trader - PTG

I’m Deepali Sanjotra and I have done my graduation from Delhi University. I've been committed to professional trading for the last 6 months. The training received has helped me become profitable so far, strategies and materials provided are helpful and excellent. There are so many forex institutes in Dubai but PTC is best for forex trading. I think no other institutes will provide this kind of teaching.

Rohit Sanjay Lahoti

Gemologist - Professional Trader - PTG

Gary is an excellent trainer and a great mentor. You should definitely go and learn from him. I have myself spent a great deal of time training under him and watched him trading “profitably”. He is a virtuoso in his entries and exits! This is a truly remarkable experience I’ve had alongside other trainees for three months. As my visa is expiring, I can’t wait for my new visa to get ready so that I can be back on the floor trading live under his guidance.

Iman Agamy

Professor - Professional Trader - PTG

"Hello, my name is Iman Agamy and I did Smart Trader course with Professional Traders Club, Dubai. This course is fantastic and I couldn't find the information and the knowledge imparted in any other place or institution."