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  • Shazia KhanStudent
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  • Vinay TholuTrader
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  • Ejaz MohammedStudent
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Nand Kumar

Chartered Banker with over 30 years - Professional Trader - PTG

I am firm believer that training is a never-ending process if you have a burning desire to excel. Training at PTG is only the first stepping stone to success. Training has made me understand the various terminologies

  • Tom ParksStudent
  • Professional Traders Group

Roopak Taneja

Former CFO - FMCG Company - Professional Trader - PTG

"I have been now associated with Professional Traders Club for almost 6 months. First as a trainee of their traders training Program and now as an active trader".

Ajesh Pillai

Project Engineer - Trainee - PTG

"I have no Prior Trading experience. The Transparency, Course Content and Professional Traders honest approach attracted me to join Professional Traders to learn to trade online.

Moufid Ayoubi

CMT - Professional Trader - PTG

Trading is POWER as I call it since it provides the trader with the self-sufficiency that all of us dream of and moreover it allows for a bold financial independence

Dinesh Mathur

P.Eng, CMA , MBA - Professional Trader - PTG

You study MBA and then go out looking for a job. You study trading and pronto, you are in business

Surendra Upadhyay

General Manager - Oil & Gas Industry - Professional Trader - PTG

Having been trading for 8 years as a casual trader I couldn't bring consistency in my profits and I couldn't figure where was I lacking.

Rashmey Seth

B.A , MBA - Professional Trader - PTG

After a very fulfilling career in the corporate world from which I took a break to pursue other personal interests

Talal Abu Issa

Finance Student - United states - Professional Trader - PTG

The Trading Program definitely made me profitable, since I did my mentoring program in the middle of the Greek news

Shazia Khan

Cost Engineer - Oil & Gas Industry - Trainee - PTG

The Training has been a real confidence booster. I came in here with no prior knowledge apart from what I have read myself through books or Online

Ejaz Mohammed

Businessman - Trainee - PTG

These training sessions have been extremely interesting, it was an eye-opener. I think it’s an easy way to accelerate the learning curve.

Tom Parks

Sales Executive for 15 years - Professional Trader - PTG

"Done trading as a hobby on the side and then just wanted to take it up full time and give it a go basically, and this is why I started this course. So far so good".