Professional Traders Club is exclusively designed to meet the demands of those who wish to take up trading as a full-time career. We are a club of professional traders who work round the clock with a single aim to establish the world’s largest trader’s community, by providing the best solutions to all the professional trading needs on our Premier Trading Floor – Trading Desk with International-State-of-the-Art Infrastructure & Education facilities.”

We operate at the heart of New Dubai, as you may have known, Dubai is a Zero Tax Return region. There is no tax on personal or corporate entities.

We have traders from all over the world, who trade different asset classes and markets from our floor.

We will assist you with everything, which is part of our Global Trader Relocation Program. If you’re looking at relocating to Dubai and trading from here, we can help you in setting up your company. We will coordinate and assist you with the licensing process, after which you will also be able to obtain a UAE Residence VISA for yourself, based on the new company license. This company will be registered under the DMCC Free Zone in Dubai, which was recently voted as the best Free Zone in the UAE.

Global Relocation

Established  by the Dubai Government (DMCC) in 2007, Professional Traders Club facilitates the complete set-up and formation of free-zone companies for traders wishing to relocate to Dubai. 

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Trader Funding

Our core business model is that we fund traders on a profit sharing basis and we would be glad to have you as a part of our successful trader’s community.

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Rent a Trading Desk

We are the Premier Trading Floor in the region - providing a world class trading environment for Professional Traders.

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